Friday, April 22, 2016

Goodbye Bro. Joey Hight

Today is the funeral for the most unique and one of the most influential preachers among the conservative Pentecostal people in the last 40 years. Bro. Joey Hight passed away Sunday morning April 17. He is finally home but his going is a hard blow to his family and the many, many people that loved him.

Bro. Joey made an impact on many thousands of people and had a special way of connecting with young and old alike. His preaching was anointed and powerful, along with being a touch entertaining. There were many who wanted to be Bro. Joey but there was only one Bro. Joey Hight.

Bro. Joey was naturally funny. He could not be anything different and still be genuine. But he was serious about having a move of God and by the time he was finished preaching, most everyone in the church was serious about it too. Bro, Joey put as much strength and passion into preaching as any man I have every known. He was a tremendous help and inspiration.

Camp meetings across the US will never be the same. Youth camps will never be the same. Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle in West Plains, Missouri will never be the same. Bro. Joey will be missed and leave a big hole, but each of us will be better off for having known him and having sat under his preaching.

There is nothing we can do for Bro. Joey Hight now. But we can pray for his precious wife, Sis. Tricia and his church. Their burden must seem completely unbearable at the moment. I can only imagine the grief and sorrow. Let us fervently pray that the God of all comfort will rush to them and stand by them in their darkest hours.

If you knew Bro. Joey, you can not help but cry a little today. We cry because of all that we lose with him leaving. If you heard him preach and witnessed his passion for God and God's people, you might also smile a time or two today. We smile because of all the joy he brought to us and the joy he is now embracing first hand. Bro. Joey is experiencing eternal gain.

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