Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Schedule Updates April 19th

One of the very difficult things for me to prepare for this year during City Reach was and is the constant state of uncertainty in our schedule. I like a plan. I like a definite plan. I like a definite plan at least one year ahead. Tent revivals in cities when we are dealing with so many variables makes my neat little plans nearly impossible. That is challenging for me.

My girls and some of my friends seem to think God is using all this to teach me to mellow out and I have a sneaking suspicion they could be correct. I am doing my best to lean on Him and follow Him as best I can. I really want to be in the right place, at the right time, speaking the right word to the right person!

Here is a plus side to this. Because of the built in flexibility I must have for City Reach, we have time to continue with City Reach Phoenix area. We are excited to have a few extra nights of tent revival here. As I mentioned yesterday, we had fewer visitors Sunday night but we had a great service. We are anticipating a great move of God Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with more first time visitors receiving the help of God.

Also next week we will be singing and preaching at Bethel Christian Assembly for Pastor Johnson George and his folks. I preached there on Sunday morning the 10th and everything fell into place to preach a few services next week. We are able to do that because of the "forced" flexibility of City Reach as well. They are excited and we are excited.

They rent space from a church so they are somewhat limited on when they can schedule special services since they understandably need to work around the other church's schedule. So we will have revival Thursday, Friday and both services Sunday, April 28, 29 and May 1. We are really looking forward to it.

We may have service in a park near Arizona State University on Saturday April 30 as well. There are 4000 students from India at ASU and Bro. George and his church are trying all they can do to minister to them. We are hoping for a great harvest.

When we finish there, we will make our way to Atwater, California to preach tent revival for Amazing Grace and Pastor Jared Burris. We always have a move of God in Atwater and we are definitely looking forward to taking that move outdoors in that city of nearly 30,000 people. I believe God is really going to help us there May 8-15, Sunday through Sunday.

On May 16th we will move toward Ft. Worth, Texas just as fast as out little wheels can carry us. We are busy with last minute preparations for City Reach Ft. Worth to be held May 22-29. Pastor J.J. Stevens has the final permission for the tent site and he is working on any permitting now. Praise God for all of His help.

We have also been working the last several days on City Reach in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dayton, Washington D.C., New York, Nashville and beyond. While I am waiting on phone calls, emails and text messages, God is teaching me to trust in Him. I may be making some progress. I hope so!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Bro. Davy, for all of us, who like it by the schedule, I believe God is teaching us more and more flexibility....praying for you all and City Reach! God has His hand on it!

    Your CA Friend,


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