Saturday, April 23, 2016

Operation Surprise Deidre

Hey friends, it is Odie. Dad and Mom and all my Arizona friends have been enjoying the last two nights of City Reach in the Phoenix area but I have been gallivanting across the country. I hated to miss but all of this came together last week before plans were made to continue revival.

As you read my post this morning I will be traveling back to Arizona from Missouri. I made this whirlwind trip in order surprise my cousin Deidre, who graduated last night from Ozark Bible Institute in Neosho, Missouri. 

I was super excited to be with Deidre, some family members and lots of friends as she celebrated this tremendous milestone in her life. Next Saturday I will try to post pictures from graduation day. 

Today I will share pictures from my travel day to Missouri on Thursday and from Deidre's surprise. 

Dad and Mom took me to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix for my early morning flight Thursday. We left the BoggsMobile about 4:40 AM and arrived at the airport about two hours before my flight. Both of my flights were awesome. We even arrived early at my layover at DFW and at my final destination in Joplin. 

I love looking out the window while flying. Here are a few shots from the flight from Phoenix to Dallas Fort Worth. 

I had a quick stop and plane change at DFW airport and all of than went very smoothly. In a little less than an hour after leaving Dallas, we touched down in Joplin, Missouri. 

I was then picked up by my crew from Ohio. It was wonderful to see Mamaw, Papaw, Uncle Steve, Aunt Karen and my cousin Lisa Isaacs! Since they were going to be in Neosho for the graduation, that made it possible for me to easily make the trip myself. I am so glad it worked out. 

After they picked me up from the airport we went to the hotel in Neosho. It was time to put Operation Surprise Deidre into full gear.

Deidre knew her parents and our grandparents were making the trip to graduation. She had no idea that me and Lisa  were going to be there. So below are some screen shots from a video of Deidre coming in our hotel room. 

Lisa hears Deidre about to open the door... 

Deidre enters what she thinks is her room for Thursday and Friday. 

She realizes I am sitting there waiting on her. Deirdre's phone and purse went flying to the floor and then she attacks me. 

After hugs all around, she looks behind her to find cousin Lisa hiding and waiting to be discovered. 

Mission successful! We surprised her! The whole hotel probably heard her scream. Later in the evening I saw a friend in the lobby. He asked me, "Were you the reason I heard Deidre scream?"

Thursday night We had a wonderful dinner with our Boggs clan and the Shoemaker family from Mississippi. 

Then Deidre, Aunt Karen, Lisa and I went to the Deidre's dorm to get her stuff packed and ready to go home. I enjoyed catching up with some friends. It was a great end to an extremely long day. 

My friend Amanda from Livingston, Texas.

Miss Layla Grace Hoover, not even 2 years old and loves selfies. 

My dear "sister" friend Anna Hoover 

Layla pushing Auntie Odie. 

Thanks for reading! I will have more to report next Saturday. 


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