Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Report On Planning and Vision Services

This whole tour has been about City Reach. I mentioned HERE that last year Pastor Don Crowley asked me to go to his church and preach my vision  of City Reach to his people and the people from all the other participating churches that wanted to come.

He said he wanted his leadership and his church folks to buy into the City Reach vision like he had. He believed I was the best one to share that vision. We called it a Planning and Vision Service and we had that in Wichita December, 2014.

God moved in a marvelous way that night and the people caught the vision for City Reach Wichita. City Reach in September was an overwhelming success and that was fostered in large part by the Planning and Vision Service last December.

I decided then that I would try to duplicate that in some of the cities we would be going to next year. We saved some time this December for this whirlwind trip. We had hoped to spread the word of City Reach to local churches and build some excitement for winning lost souls in those cities through churches working together in tent revival.

I believe we have been able to do that in each of these cities. I appreciate all the positive emails, texts and comments as a result of these services. God seems to be stirring Christians in America toward revival and we need it. I know that many of you are praying for this effort and I want you to know how much I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I have mentioned here several times that this is WAY too big for me and your encouragement is a tremendous blessing.

We plan to drive back into Oklahoma today and sing and preach in an outreach service in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. I hope to tell you more about it later.

I have posted some pictures from the Planning and Vision Reach Services for Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Ft. Worth. Please enjoy the pictures.


City Reach Tulsa

City Reach Oklahoma City

City Reach Ft. Worth

This is the first thing I saw as I prepared to pull into Victory Tabernacle near Ft. Worth on Monday. THAT will show up as points of a sermon in a tent revival some where, I can almost guarantee it!


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