Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Aunt China Upton

Another of my mother's sisters passed away Sunday. Aunt China Upton was a precious lady and we loved her very much. She had five beautiful daughters and had been a widow for over 30 years.

Aunt China was very gracious and always made a big deal out of our singing and my preaching. She was a joy to have in service with us whenever she could be there. Aunt China had been pretty feeble for quite a while but loved to go to church.

Here she is in revival with us at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio in August with her daughter Terry from El Paso.

This is with my Mother dear in the mix.

Please pray for my Mother and her family. They have had several heartaches recently in the immediate family. She has lost two sisters, a nephew and another nephew's wife since late in August.

We are on a long and quick trip across country right now. We left Pauls Valley, Oklahoma after church last night and we plan to be in Elkton, Virginia for church Thursday night. There are a few miles that need to be covered in between and hopefully when you read this, we are clicking them off.

Thanks for reading.


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