Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Schedule Change For This Week

There is a schedule change that affects this week so I am interrupting regular programming to pass the news along.

We were scheduled to do a Planning and Vision Service in Richmond, Indiana Thursday night but that service is no longer on the schedule. The Pastor that had asked me to come, is not getting as much participation from local churches as he would like at this point. Even though he would still like for me to do a tent revival at his church, he did not feel like it would make much sense to do a Planning and Vision Service if most the churches were not planning to participate. I wholeheartedly agreed.

We may do a tent revival for him, a tent revival some where else or we may do a City Reach in another city. That remains to be seen. But there will be no service there Thursday night of this week. IF you know of anyone that might have been planning to attend Thursday, please let them know the service is canceled.

This will actually make our week a whole lot easier. We will be in the Tulsa Oklahoma area on Friday, so no service Thursday night in Indiana makes that trip much less difficult.

While I am discussing the schedule, we have a few added dates in the next few weeks as well. We will be in Elkton, Virginia at Bible Holiness for Pastor Brent Gabbard on Thursday December 10th. We will be in Dayton, Ohio at First Pentecostal for Pastor Kevin Lloyd on December 22nd. We will be at Garden Acres Pentecostal Church in Goshen, Ohio on Monday and Tuesday, January 4-5 for Pastor Dwayne Cornett.

You can always see our schedule at a glance HERE. That should bring you up to date.

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