Monday, December 28, 2015

Weekend Woundup and Weview December 28

This has been a great Christmas weekend! I told you Friday about our Christmas Eve at the Morgan's. Friday morning we celebrated Christmas with our family in the BoggsMobile, as is our tradition, then we gathered with the Boggs bunch next door at Dodds Fellowship Hall for dinner and our Christmas shenanigans. I will try to post pictures of that tomorrow.

I started Saturday early because I had a barn project going that I may tell you more about later. We had a great day kicking around the barn with my brother Steve, my Dad and my California friend, Bro. Jared Burris. Our day included a trip to Acapulco but I neglected pictures. Never fear, we went back Sunday to make up for it and we did snap a picture or two to prove it. You will see them below.

Saturday night we ran down the road to Sis. Faye Riddell's house. Faye is the mother of David and Denny Riddell. David and I became close friends over 32 years ago and we have remained close through the years. It was super great to visit with him and Denny along with their families and other friends that dropped in like we did.

Sunday morning we attended Dryden Rd. (Our home church) and really enjoyed the service. Our Pastor asked Bro. Jared Burris to preach and he did great. It was wonderful to hear him and to be with his family.

It was also great to be at home church. We hope to be there for some of the revival this week as well. We do have to get ready to leave this week but I want to be there and hear Bro. Darius Templeton as much as I can.

I did get a couple of special pictures for one of our most faithful and dependable readers. This is the first one. Glendon, this pictures is for you.

I told you we had a few pictures from Acapulco!

Sunday night we were singing and preaching at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio. We had a wonderful service and a great response in the altar. We appreciate Pastor Bill Lamb and Pastor EJ Lamb for having us. They have always been so kind to us and we love to go to Anchor when we can.

Glendon, here is the second special picture for you!

Pastor EJ and his precious family took us to Frisch's for a bite to eat after church. We love visiting with them so much and I appreciate their warm hospitality and kind words. We really enjoy their fellowship and love their friendship.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend. Thank you for reading.


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