Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Little Christmas Miracle

Hey Friends,

Happy Saturday, this is Odie checking in from a moving BoggsMobile. It is Christmas time and I absolutely love this time of year. I have been pondering the Christmas Story. I am in awe at God's love for us. He gave us the Greatest Gift, His only Son, on that first Christmas! I am thankful for the Christmas Miracle of the LIFE that changed my life!

This time of year I love the music, lights, decorations and shopping. We thrive on Christmas music at our house. Our "opening day" for Christmas music is June 1st.

Christmas music is about the only thing playing on my devices right now. My favorite group, The Isaacs, have a fabulous Christmas project. If it's not in your collection I highly recommend adding  "Christmas" by The Isaacs to your library. They have a special in their store at or it is available on iTunes

Faithful readers know I love my Isaacs music! One of my favorite things is seeing our family perform live. This year we have only crossed paths with them twice. Once in January, then again in February. I am going into Isaacs withdrawals. 

Hopefully in 2016 we can see them somewhere along the road. I am excited that they have been in the studio working on a new project. The few clips that I have heard have only whetted my appetite for more. I will let you know when the new project is available. 

This has been a happy week for the Isaacs. My cousin Sonya Isaacs Yeary welcomed her second son on Tuesday. 

Sonya, her husband Jimmy and big brother, Ayden experienced their own Christmas miracle on December 8th. Gatlyn Solomon Yeary is an answer to many prayers! We are thankful for his safe arrival.

Ayden and Gatlyn 

He is a precious gift! Gatlyn weighed in at 8lbs 10oz and 21in long. I can not wait to meet my newest cousin.

Below I posted the links to my two 2015 Isaacs concerts posts. Also I included a few of my favorite pictures from this year of Sonya and Ayden. 

I tried to locate the picture from December 2011 when I first met Ayden James at 4 months old. I could not find it right off. It is hard to believe he is now 4 years old. He will be a great big brother!

Well, have a fantastic weekend. 




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