Thursday, December 17, 2015

The School Supplies Arrived!

Pastor Sam Snow arrived back in the states this week safe and sound from a trip to Nigeria. He was there with Bro. Shobanke dedicating a church and preaching for the saints. He delivered the suitcase of school supplies that we sent and he took some pictures to document it. You know what we say around here, "If there are no pictures, it did not happen."

Here is proof it happened!

I am thankful that the supplies and the candy for the children made it to Nigeria. I mentioned sending the supplies HERE and HERE and we appreciate those that were able and willing to help. At times some one will give what they feel like is a very small amount of money and they feel it is not enough, but every dollar is put to good use in Nigeria. Thank you very much!

Sis. Ruth and Sis. Rebecca, their staff and all of the children at GoodNews Christian School thank you as well. I am sure I will be receiving an email soon expressing their gratitude and I will pass it on to you. I sincerely believe these kids are a worthwhile investment and should the Lord tarry His coming, their Christian education will bring great dividends for the kingdom of God.

By God's grace, I am expecting that Kelly Jo and I can deliver the school supplies next year live and in person. We should be finished with City Reach 2016 sometime in November and I hope and pray we are able to go to Nigeria shortly thereafter before we shut down for the year. It is in our plans and I am believing God to bring it to pass.

Thanks again for all your help with this and I appreciate Pastor Sam Snow for doing the leg and back work.

God bless you all.


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