Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happy Times At Home

Hey Friends!

This is Odie coming to you today from Oklahoma. We are excited to be rolling on this quick tour. Tonight will be our third City Reach Planning and Vision Service this week and it will be at Blanchard, Oklahoma. Come be with us if you can. 

Friday night at Bethany was great! We sure appreciate Pastor Darrell Toliver and his folks for their warm welcome. We also appreciate other churches that were represented and still others that sent word they are on board. Please keep praying for City Reach.

We were home in Ohio until Thursday. It is always great to be home. I love spending time with family. I have some pictures from my adventures I wanted to share.

It was wonderful to spend a day or two with Deidre but she was headed back to school at Ozark Bible Institute early Monday. This was our parting picture at 5:30 AM.

Monday afternoon I spent some time with my Aunt Theresa. It is a thrill to spend time with my auntie. 

Pictures from Acapulco are a must. This burrito was awesome. For the record it is Acapulco Burrito with white cheese. That picture is in there for you, Bro E.J.

Tuesday I had a wonderful day shopping with Mamaw and Papaw.

Wednesday night we went to the visitation of Rev. Acy Wendell Lamb. He was a great man and will be sorely missed. We saw many long time friends and extended family members. I am sorry for the reason we were all together, but it was good to see everyone.

I snapped a few pictures at Frisch's of family. 

Me with my Great Aunt Edna Alexander. 

Mamaw with two of her nephews 

Big Boy and fries. Yes, I caved after 2 and a half years. A Big Boy jumped on my plate.

Great Uncle Wayne Livingston

Great Aunt Madeline Alexander

Papaw saw a picture of a beautiful piece pie on the table. He told our waitress, "I want that pie, and i want it exactly like the picture." She went to another table and brought him his very own picture. LOL

Then she brought the real pie.

Cousin Joe

Me with my Great Uncle Joe

it sure was great to see all of these family members and so many more. 

Then Thursday came and it was time to be On The Road Again. I am looking forward to being home again in a short amount of time but until then I will enjoy the ride!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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