Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Withholding Information

Yesterday's post was a rambling monstrosity and entirely too long, but the fact is I withheld some important information. In the interest of keeping the narrative moving I omitted one story that I will include today.

Do you remember the smooth night of driving we had after church Tuesday night? The BoggsMobile pulled out of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma and sailed through the night and landed north of Little Rock at 3:30 AM. It was a great night to drive and everything was perfect.

Well, it was almost perfect. We did have one little hiccup on the late night drive. It was about 1:30 AM and my GPS was bouncing between 70-72 MPH and had been for many miles in the 70 MPH zone. The Green Machine stayed in the barn this trip so we were pretty much tied to the speed limit the whole way.

There was a police car next to I-40 not long after I entered Arkansas. He was sitting on the right shoulder with his lights on so I passed him in the left lane and never slowed down. Well, it turns out it must have been a slow night for the Arkansas State Policeman and I provided little diversion.

After I passed by he pulled out immediately and I knew he was going to light me up. He did. Before he turned on the flashing lights, he pulled up to my back bumper and rode there a mile or two, probably radioing my tag number in.

Then came the lights.

(Not the actual lights below)

Once I was slowed down, I pulled off the road as far as I could, turned all the lights on inside and Kelly Jo and I put our hands where he could see them. Instead of coming to the open window on the driver's side, he went to the front door on Kelly Jo's side. We do not open that door so I went to the mid door and opened it for him.

I sat down on the steps and we had a friendly if quick conversation. He said I was running a little fast and he was thinking I might be sleepy. 

After telling him I was wide awake but Garth was asleep, he left. I am totally joking, Garth was wide awake and inside singing Christmas carols! That is a fact with my hand up. He sang to me for hours that night!

The friendly policeman let me leave with no ticket and we were stopped a total of less than two minutes according to the GPS. I think the he just wanted to check us out and make sure I was not drinking. 

That is the first time I have ever been pulled over in the BoggsMobile after driving it about 113,000 miles. That is not too bad for an average. Especially since I escaped with no ticket.

Thanks for reading.


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