Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tuesday At First Pentecostal of Murlin Heights

We do not drop in at Murlin Heights in north Dayton nearly enough but it is not because we do not love Pastor Kevin Lloyd and all the folks. These are super people and great friends and it is always a privilege and honor to be in church with them.

Pastor Lloyd always swings the door open wide for us to visit any time we can and he always makes a point to give us a specific invitation during the holiday season. They had changed their midweek service this week due to Christmas so we were able to put them on the schedule for Tuesday night and I am so glad we did.

God visited us in a mighty way. Several folks received help in the service and I was right at the front of the line! Praise God for speaking the right words, at the right time, to the right person. I am very thankful that God knows exactly what we need to hear and loves us enough to send His Word to us. Oh God, give me sense enough to listen and to apply your Word to my heart!

Since we were going to north Dayton last night we spent a couple of hours driving through east Dayton and north Dayton looking for a City Reach location and feeling after God. After talking about City Reach during service I had several locations mentioned including three mentions of one particular location. You can rest assured I will examine that place a little closer in the day time.

We really look forward to working with Pastor Lloyd and his folks along with the other Dayton churches in City Reach in July. I believe that God is going to meet with us there!

Here are a few pictures from Tuesday night. Thanks for reading.


Davy and Pastor Kevin Lloyd

Kelly Jo and Sis. Kim Lloyd

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  1. Always love having you all!! Looking forward to City Reach in July!


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