Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Woundup and Weview 12/12

This week's woundup will read and look like a travelogue because travel pretty much sums up the week and we have lots of pictures to prove it.

When I finished our last post that had much to do with our travels we were in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. The BoggsMobile had already traveled 1248 miles from Thursday to Tuesday morning. We had added an unplanned service at New Hope Deliverance Church after leaving Ft. Worth on Monday morning and we were blessed to be there.

It was time to hit the road Tuesday night after a super great service and a wonderful and overdue visit with our friends.

Since we had stayed in the west an extra day, we had some time and distance to make up. We left at 9:30 PM and drove 389 miles, stopping near Little Rock, Arkansas at a TA truck stop at 3:30 in the morning. It was a great night to drive. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the traffic was very light.

Here is the BoggsMobile at the TA near Little Rock on Wednesday morning.

This is one of the fabulous 5 egg omelets Kelly Jo prepared for me on the road! Wow!

Wednesday was pretty much non stop driving. I was only stopped a total of 20 minutes all day and that included bathroom stops, a fuel stop and eating. We drove 626 miles and arrived at the Virginia Welcome Center in time to collapse in the bed! I drove nearly 100 miles more than my self imposed limit and I have been paying for it ever since.

We were the only ones that parked at the Welcome Center most of the night but folks came and went and there was an attendant there all night too. It was a pretty restful night.

We finished up with 259 miles to Elkton, Virginia on Thursday, arriving in time for a great meal with Pastor Brent Gabbard. I also managed to squeeze in a nap before service too!

I posted pictures from our Thursday night service at Bible Holiness on Friday. It was a joy to be with our friends and a great joy to experience the blessings of the Lord with them all.

We were also blessed to be in Bro. and Sis. Gabbard's home for a wonderful meal after church. Thank you for the good treatment, friends.

Before we left Elkton Friday morning I snapped a picture of a few remaining leaves on the trees. This area is well known for its fall color and they said this year was amazing! I would love to see it one year.

We had some special friends visit Thursday night. In fact, they visited us in Elkton on Thursday and also at Bristow on Friday. We met Bro. Frank and Sis. Pat Shiflett when we were in Virginia in May and I am so glad they have stayed in touch. It was good to see them.

The first thing we did Friday morning was climb the mountain and cross the Skyline Drive. Here are a couple of pictures on our way down the eastern side.

About two hours and 84 miles later we arrived in Bristow. We bypassed the church and went another half mile to our favorite local Italian place, Tony's N.Y. Pizza! Wow! That place is good!

Then we pulled up to the church and unloaded the sound equipment. I have never had the bus in the upper part of the parking lot before. It is STEEP up there. Kelly Jo told Odie that if the brakes turned loose, grab a pillow, wrap it around your head and try to enjoy the ride!

We love the location of Bro. Taylor's church and the building is pretty awesome too.

We parked at the foot of the hill during service and overnight Friday.

Friday night we had five pastors in attendance plus church folks and God blessed and helped in the service. I was able to share my vision of City Reach and they received it very well.

Pastor Taylor is working diligently to get the location and dates approved for the City Reach Washington DC. He has two locations under consideration on the National Mall and we are praying that God guides our steps and orders our ways. After Friday's service, there is a lot of excitement about what God is doing!

There were a few minutes left in the evening for a late night return trip to Tony's!

We were lazy getting out of town Saturday morning and I am glad we were. The bus was fired up and ready to roll and as I began to back up we saw our friend Cheyenne and her beautiful baby Kodi. They were there for a baby shower and it was great to see them. We have known Cheyenne for years but we just met Kodi in September while in Alabama.

About 90 miles down the road we were stopping for an early lunch at Golden Corral. I told you yesterday that all the adrenalin was gone Saturday. I am thankful we did not have to hurry.

Parked at Golden Corral.

Here we are at a Welcome Center in West Virginia.

After slogging through the mountains of western Maryland and northern West Virginia all day we finally pulled into Cabella's parking lot near Wheeling, West Virginia. Of course we had to go in!

After a good night sleep we finished the drive home Sunday. We pulled in the ranch, turned the bus around and washed off a few thousand miles of road grime, bugs and oil. That really felt good! I appreciate my Dad for coming out to help me.

The last leg from Wheeling, West Virginia to home finished a trip that totaled 10 nights, 8 services in 6 cities and included 3131 miles.

Soon the BoggsMobile was settled in the barn until after Christmas and then we were cleaned up and and on our way to Dayton for church. We slipped in on our good friends Pastor Mitch and Sis. Mary Hasty at Valley Street Pentecostal Holiness Church and we had a wonderful time.

We had a great time singing and preaching, visiting with friends and making new friends. It was a perfect ending to a super week.

Tune in next time and I am sure we will have some more excitement to share! Thanks for reading.


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