Friday, December 4, 2015

A Post On Friday With No Name

Today's post is a quick recap of the last few days.

Tuesday night I was preaching at Dryden Rd. concerning my vision for City Reach Dayton. Number one, it was great to be home and number two it was good to preach about City Reach. It seemed to be well received if the conversation after church was any indication. We are praying that God will cover us up with His presence in City Reach Dayton in July.

It was great to have Dad and Mom there!

Davy and Pastor Bruce McGuire

Odie and Sis. Sutherland

Bro. Bennie, Eugene Boggs (my Dad) and Davy

Wednesday evening we spent a couple hours at Corwin Pentecostal Church for Bro. Acy Wendell Lamb's visitation. Bro. Acy was a great influence to us when we were young along with hundreds of others. While he was Pastor of Corwin church the last several years he invited us for multiple revivals and was a great encouragement to our family.

Later Wednesday evening we stopped in at Acapulco for one last visit. My brother Steve met us there and we really enjoyed visiting with him.

Thursday morning we prepared to pull out of the barn and point toward the west. We decided to dehydrate the bus and leave it behind. It takes up much less room when it is dehydrated.

When we get back, all we have to do is add water!

Just kidding! We are taking the bus with us!

We can actually buy diesel for the bus on this whole trip cheaper than we can buy gas for the Green Machine, stay in motels 11 nights and eat all our meals in restaurants. Plus we get to sleep in our own bed!

We stopped in Collinsville, Illinois, near St. Louis, and ate supper with the Brimm's at Bandana's BBQ.

It sure was great to see all of them. The Brimm's have been such dear friends to us for many years and we do not get to be with them near enough. The hour with them last night was just enough to whet our appetite for more!

I wonder how many times I have driven through or around St. Louis in my lifetime. The first time I drove through the city was the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving in 1986. I was driving an 86 S-10 Blazer, back when the two-door version was the only flavor they offered. It was my first "new" car. It was actually a company car for GM executives but they were sold as new to employees. I had only had it a few days. It had 7000 miles on it when I picked it up.

It was late at night and we stopped and walked around the Gateway Arch. We also walked down to the water and put our hand in the Mississippi. That makes perfect sense, right? Every one would touch the Mississippi if they are that close!

Since then I have driven through town or bypassed around town more times than I can remember. I have driven nearly every car and truck I have ever owned through St. Loius and pulled three different fifth wheels and of course driven the bus through.

Why do I tell you all that? To tell that even with all that experience I still make mistakes. I made a wrong turn and took the interstate right through town instead of around the easy southern bypass. The bad part is that I made that mistake at 5:00 rush hour. OUCH!

At least we made it out alive even though we lost 40 minutes to an hour in traffic and wore my nerves down to the roots!

We pulled into our familiar parking spot in the RV parking section of the Flying J in Sullivan, Missouri about 7:00 central time. It was cold over night so we ran the generator to keep things from freezing up.

We drove 446 miles Thursday and we have 341 miles to go today.

We plan to be in service tonight at Bethany Holiness Church near Sapulpa, Oklahoma for a Planning and Vision Service for City Reach Tulsa. Come be with us if you can.

Thanks for reading.


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