Saturday, September 19, 2015

World's Best Grandparents

Last night was the first night of City Reach Richton and it was a great service under the Blue and White Gospel Tent. God really touched a young man that responded among others and we are so very thankful. 

City Reach is scheduled to run through next Friday night. Each service begins at 7:00 with the exception of Sunday which will begin at 3:00 PM. Here is one picture to whet your appetite and then I will give way to Odie for her regular Saturday post.

Hello Friends!

This Saturday finds me (Odie) in Richton, Mississippi. We are thrilled to be here once again with Pastor Scott Morris and First Assembly in tent revival! 

City Reach Richton began last night. Stay tuned to the blog for updates. We are expecting great things to happen in tent revival this week. Please come be a part of the meeting. Everyone is welcome under the "blue and white gospel tent!"

I am super excited to have my Mamaw and Papaw here from Ohio. We are so glad they made the journey to Mississippi! It is always good to have them join us out on the road. I love having fun with them.

Speaking of Grandparents, last Sunday was Grandparent's Day. It is a little past time according to the calendar but I want the world to know I have the cream of the crop in Grandparents! I am one blessed girl I have two awesome sets of Grandparents and I love them all so very much! 

It is a privilege to have them as an active part of my life! I wish all of you could meet them. You would love them too. So let me introduce you via pictures. Thanks, Mom, for letting me use pictures from your Alaska trip. 

My Mom's parents, Danny and Betty Morgan. Better known as Gran and Papaw.

My Dad's parents, Martha and Eugene Boggs. Better known as Mamaw and Papaw.

Both sets have been my favorites for nearly 30 years. I am proudly the longest loved grandchild on both sides of the family and there is no arguing that point at all. I have some great first cousins but the fact is I have been loved longer than them all.

All the Boggs grandchildren Christmas Day 2014

All the Morgan grandchildren July 2015. As you can tell eating is a favorite event with both families!

Have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. Odie, Haven't forgotten you! Love your post from the Richton, Mississippi and am very happy to meet your grandparents. Hope to do so in person some day! Praying for you and for the remainder of the City Reach Revival in Richton, Mississippi.

    Tom Lindberg


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