Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Taking The Tent Down In Richton, Mississippi

Saturday was the day to take the tent down in Richton, Mississippi. I went out early that morning and finished preparing the trailer to load up the tent and all the rest of the peripherals that go with it. Bro. Scott and Sis. Kim came and brought lunch and we enjoyed one last visit with them for the week.

Shortly before 1:00 PM folks began arriving and they were ready to go to work. First the side poles are removed and set aside.

After the side poles are removed the pins can be taken out of the center crank poles.

Then the poles are taken down one at a time. The fixed pole on the end comes down first and then the other two poles are cranked down and lowered to the ground.

The straps are removed and wrapped neatly while the tent sections are being unlaced.

We folded the center pieces first and then folded the ends.

The tent pieces were folded as neatly as we have ever folded them and the tent was completely dry which is very important.

Kelly Jo put her head in one of the tent bags to look for a strap and Regan ambushed her and had a little fun. It was hilarious!!!

Then it was back to work.

When the tent bags were loaded the stakes were pulled out and loaded in the trailer.

The whole job was completed in about an hour and we were ready to hit the road. I was so relieved to get the tent down dry before the storms came in. We appreciate Bro. Scott and his folks and even folks from other churches coming to help us. Taking the tent down and packing it up went very well.

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