Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekend Woundup and Weview September 15

City Reach Pictures

Have you seen the pictures from City Reach? I posted a bunch of them very early Monday morning. There is no way they can tell the whole story but I hope the pictures can give you some idea of how good it was.


Wow! What a weekend! It was busy. It was difficult. It was tiring. But it was wonderful and absolutely worth it!

We finished City Reach Wichita under the Blue and White Gospel Tent Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. I hope to post a report on City Reach later but I will say now the services were great, the crowds were great and God was saving, blessing and delivering.

Some of the young men from Bethany helped watch the tent Friday night and Saturday night so that gave me a chance to rest some at night. I had my alarm set for 5:20 Sunday morning but I woke up to one thump against the side of the BoggsMobile at 5:00.

I went outside and the young men told me a car had stopped in the road and some boys tried to egg the bus. Fortunately they were weak and inaccurate and only one egg hit the bus. I washed it off as good as I could right then and then washed it again after the sun came up.

I took my shift at the tent right then and stayed pretty much all day. I had a chance to pray with a few folks that visited including a young man that spent about an hour with me in the morning. The sun was coming up while he was praying for salvation. When we opened our eyes it was bright! Pretty appropriate I thought.

Later Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe and Bro. Robbie Reed helped me prepare the trailer for loading the chairs and tent stuff. During the set up and during revival things get thrown here and there so it helps to get it all straight before it is time to load up.

When church was over Sunday night we started tearing down immediately and things went very well. We now have 400 hundred chairs to load instead of 200 and the tent is much bigger than it used to be. The chairs were loaded and strapped in, the tent was down, folded and bagged, the stakes were pulled and loaded and the poles were loaded in one hour and fifty minutes. That is not bad at all.

It took us about 30 more minutes to load the rest and organize the trailer for travel but some of that was visiting with folks as well. We really hated to say goodbye to friends old and new. The whole meeting was so good that nobody really wanted to leave.

We hooked the BoggsMobile to the tent trailer, gassed up the Green Machine at QT across the street and drove about 25 miles to the first truck stop going south on the Kansas Turnpike.

We went to bed about 3:00 AM and I do not know when a bed has felt so good. That ended a beautiful, bountiful and blessed weekend.

Thanks for reading. Tune in tomorrow for more.


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