Friday, September 11, 2015


The post is going up considerably late today but I have an excuse, really. In fact, I think I hit the triple crown in excuses and none of them include the dog eating my homework..

First, we had speaker trouble.

Second, we had piano trouble.

Third, in the middle of all that we had bus trouble.

However, I have so much to be thankful for.

1. I am smack dab in the middle of a sovereign move of God!

2. I am among churches full of people that are thoughtful, helpful and dependable.

3. I have a great wife that just rolls with the punches and never, never gives up.

4. I have Jimmie Radcliffe with me to carry on with the responsibilities that would other wise fall on me.

5. The speakers were in the shop and the problem would not duplicate. They seem to be working now.

6. The piano is in the shop right now and they just called to say it is ready. We will pick it up in a few minutes.

7. Jeff Rowe from East Tennessee Luxury Coach is still answering his phone and patiently tries to talk me through my bus woes.

8. Village Tours and Travel, a Charter company in town let me pull over their pit to inspect the bus issue. The problem would not duplicate while I was there and seems fine now. Kevin and David at Village were terrific and would not allow me to pay them a dime even when I insisted.

9. Friday night of revival starts is just a few hours and God is going to help in a might way.

And finally, number 10...

At least I am not pastoring a church!

Thanks for praying for us.


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