Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Prayer Request For Our Dear Friends

There are many things, people and needs that we fervently pray about but never mention here on the blog. If we mentioned all of our family, friends and acquaintances that are sick, afflicted, tormented or under pressure some other way, we would never post anything else. However, from time to time I feel compelled to mention a special need to our readers.

Today is one of those days and one of those special needs. We met several folks from Beechfork Holiness Church the first Saturday night in July 1985. We had no idea when we met them that they would become such a huge part in our lives. Either that night or shortly thereafter we met Bro. Joel and Sis. Mary Isham who also attend Beechfork. 

Joel and Mary are some of the nicest folks in the world and we love them dearly. We saw them at Beechfork when we were there in March of this year.

Here I am with Bro. Joel.

Here is Sis. Mary on the left with Sis. Sarah and Kelly Jo.

Since we saw them Sis. Mary has been diagnosed with cancer and she is really struggling to fight and survive. Bro. Joel and Sis. Mary desperately need a miracle from the Lord and we are asking you to join us in fervent prayer for them. 

Here is another picture of Bro. Joel.

Here is another picture of Sis. Mary.

We know that God is able to give them a miracle and we are asking Him to do it. Will you join us?

Thank you very much.


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