Saturday, September 12, 2015

Praying for James and John Holland


This is Odie writing to you once again from Kansas. We are having a fantastic week at City Reach Wichita. Thanks to everyone for the prayer! God is answering your prayers! 

We appreciate all of you that called, text or emailed letting us know you were helping carry the burden of prayer this week. I wish all of you could have experienced God moving in countless lives!  We still have two more City Reach services here in Wichita. I am expecting a great cap to a wonderful week. 

Please continue to pray for the lives that were touched this week. They really need to get in these local churches and seek God. I would love to come back to Wichita and see changed and free individuals!

In August Dad told you about Bro. JJ and Sis. Bailey Holland they were in Ohio for special care for their babies. Bailey was carrying twin boys. I was thrilled it worked out that we were in Ohio at the same time as my friends,

When in Ohio you to eat at Acapulco. It is a must for us!

Pastor Bill Lamb with the Hollands and their niece 

We were able to see Bro. JJ and Sis. Bailey a couple Wednesday nights ago at their home church in Ellisville, Mississippi. They were praising God for all the miracles He had given their sons already! The next day they went to Jackson, Mississippi, which will be there home away from home for a while. 

The twins were born in Jackson last week. They weighed in at 1lb 10 oz and 3lb 7oz. They are little guys but they are fighters. Bailey has given me permission to write about James and John and to post pictures. 

James is doing very good. He just needs a little oxygen. They think he can leave the hospital in a few weeks. John needs a miracle! He has a long ways to go. They are anticipating the need for heart surgery in a couple months. 

God is able to give them a complete healing! Join me in believing with and praying for the entire Holland family.  They are blessed with wonderful pastors and a caring church family but you can never have too much prayer!

Thank you for reading today. We plan to travel toward Richton, Mississippi Monday. City Reach Richton is scheduled to begin Friday. We are looking forward to a mighty move of God! 

I will leave you for now with pictures of precious James and John Holland. They have already tugged at my heart strings and I can not wait to meet them. 








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