Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hannah McCoy Giving in Zambia

When we were in revival recently in Castle Rock, Colorado for Pastor James McCoy, the McCoy's oldest daughter Hannah was preparing for a short term mission trip to Zambia. She was going as part of a group of students from Ozark Bible Institute in Neosho, Missouri where she is a senior this year.

She was very excited to be making her first trip to Africa and we were very excited for her. Hannah's great enthusiasm had us wanting to load up and go with her. I knew it was going to be a life changing experience for her.

The great expense of flights, shots, lodging, visas and other items associated with a short term mission trip can be overwhelming. Often times by the time a young person arrives in a foreign country they have spent every dime they can get and they have nothing else left to give.

That is unfortunate because giving to the churches, preachers, ministries and various needs there is one of the greatest opportunities of a short term mission trip. At times we have spent so much to go that we feel like we have given all that is required but it is so important to give in order to further the Gospel on the mission field.

It is obvious after just a few minutes with Hannah McCoy (And the whole McCoy family for that matter) that she is a giving person. Her heart is set to assist in giving the Gospel to the lost and to help people in every way she can.

We wanted to help Hannah with a small offering but we also wanted to enable her to have a little to give to others while she was there. So we gave her a small amount for her expenses and an equal amount to give away. I asked her to pray about the gift in her hand and to ask God to lead her to the right need. She could give it to any one in Zambia as God led her to do so.

Hannah did exactly as I asked her to do and here is her beautiful story.


Hannah McCoy Giving in Zambia

Upon my arrival to the building the kids crusades would be held, the group was led into a classroom to discuss some plans for the week and pray together. Almost instantly, we felt the presence of The Lord and once we started praying the presence of the Lord fell so strong in that room. I was then reminded of the money that I had to give. 

Later that week the Pastor told us how the national women had planned to buy themselves wraps to wear with the little extra money they saved and raised for that week but instead used it to buy the children pots and pans for food. I had already felt like I should give it to the kids somehow but then I knew. 

I never had the opportunity to give the money to the Pastor without making a huge scene, so on the way back to the airport to leave, I found the opportunity to pass it off to Brother Moreino (The missionary who goes there a couple times a year and leader of the group). I explained that I wanted it donated to the children's ministry. His face lit up when I gave it to him and he very sincerely thanked me on more than one occasion. 

I received so much love from the kids on this trip. These kids who hardly had anything would get whatever they could, from the prettiest flowers, to making the group head wreaths, to bracelets of their own, or writing sweet notes on scrap paper that said " I love you so so much like a cup of milk." 

They truly poured out their sweet hearts to me all week, and I was extremely humbled!  But From this experience I learned how true it is that it's more blessed to give than to receive. I have a friend who always says, "Love is worthless unless love gives." So thank you for giving me the opportunity to love those kids back. I can't wait to love them more!

Hannah McCoy

You are welcome, Hannah! Thank you for the good report. May God always bless you with a desire to give! You have blessed our hearts and we are better for knowing you. 

Davy, Kelly and Odie

Here are a few pictures from Hannah's time in Zambia  

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