Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pictures of The Tent Going Up In Wichita

We had at least 50 people from First Church of God in Christ and Bethany Revival Center setting up the tent for City Reach Wichita. That is an amazing number and we are thankful for every one of them that came. They listened good, they worked hard and it sure looked like most of them were having fun!

There is no way we could get this tent up on our own. We must have help from the local churches and these folks are excited enough to jump right in and get the job done. Everyone wanted something to do and I think pretty much everyone found several things to do during the set up.

We have had two super great services and we are expecting more of the same tonight and each night through Sunday. If you are any where near here you need to come be with us. We start at 7:30 each night and we would love to have you join us.

Sunday night we had several praying for salvation and we were thrilled with that. God certainly helped. We had about 250 people to kick off the first night.

Monday night was also a big crowd but a little smaller. That was probably due to it being Labor Day and because of the rain in the forecast. The rains started just as I was trying to make an altar call at the end of my abbreviated sermon. The rain did not seem to hinder the response at all. The altar service and prayer line were tremendous.

Praise God for His help!

Now for the pictures you came to see with a little color commentary thrown in for good measure.

When we Saturday morning there was no tent in sight.

Three hours later it was up and ready to go!

Here is the tent set up documented in pictures.

Since we had pre-drilled the holes through the blacktop the stakes went in relatively easy and pretty fast.

Since we were setting up on blacktop we put down tarps and plastic to protect the tent while it was laying on the ground.

Then came the four pieces of the tent. There are the two round ends, the original 22' middle piece and the new 22' middle piece.

With four pieces there are 3 lace lines where the tent is tied together. Tying the lace line is the slow part of the process. We had six men working on the six sections that make up the three lace lines.

While they were doing that the others were preparing the side poles and straps.

At this point I usually gather everyone together and explain how the tent is going to go up. I know most folks will not grasp everything I say but as it goes up they will begin to get the picture and they will know what to do. It really is amazing how this thing goes up

This was our first set up with three center poles and there were a couple of hiccups along the way but nothing major. It takes a little longer than the two center pole set up but it is not bad at all.

The plastic complicates things but it is necessary to protect the tent.

Several folks had to leave before the team picture but this was a great group to work with.

After the picture Pastor Crowley and Pastor DiZazzo dedicated the tent in this particular spot. It was a powerful moment!

Then it was time to tighten the tent and send some young men on top to smooth out the Velcro flaps that cover the lace lines.

The tent is set up on the corner of Lincoln and Hydraulic right across from the Quick Trip. This is a very busy intersection and you can see how visible it is from QT. QT is planning to build a big new store on the lot we are using but they were very nice to allow us to use it for City Reach since construction has been delayed. The managers and workers in the existing store have also be very kind and generous to us. May God bless their business.

The theme for our tent revivals since 2011 has been Dare to Believe God. Although we may not be completely finished with that theme, I have a different theme for City Reach. It is For God So Loved The World... One Life At A Time.

The Blue and White Gospel Tent with the new section is 48x92. According to the Miami Missionary Tent seating chart it will seat right at 500 people. I like wide aisles and lots of altar space so our 400 chairs fit very nicely under the tent.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday night.

Below are some more pictures from the tent set up taken by one of the ladies from First Church. Make sure you check them out too.

Thank you for reading.


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