Wednesday, September 9, 2015

God Is Moving in Lives

As is usually the case the tent takes up most of my time while it is in the air leaving little time to sit down and write. That is the reason for the missing blog this morning. I appreciate all our morning readers checking on us to make sure we are OK.

The tent is especially time consuming this week partially because of the great location we are set up in and partially because it seems God is drawing folks to the tent day and night. Several folks have prayed for salvation under and around the tent during the day and many more have come asking for prayer. That is awesome and we are very thankful God is moving. 

Some of the church folks are helping man the tent during the day and that is a huge help. Yesterday Sis. Mary from Bethany and my wife prayed with a young man that wanted to be saved. He was in service last night and was in the altar seeking God. 

Having Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe here is a tremendous help as well in many areas. This morning about 7:00 he was watching the tent and led a lady to Christ that desperately needed to be delivered. See what I mean? And this is just a small sample of folks that God is drawing. Praise God for his help!

Tomorrow I will try to post pictures from Monday through tonight. Thanks for reading and thanks for praying for City Reach Wichita!


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