Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weekend Woundup and Weview September 1

Our weekend began with the great big finale to the Minister's Restoration. Wow! What preaching and what an altar service! It was almost unbelievable!

We had planned to drive a few hours after church Friday night but since it was so late we decided to get some rest, rise up early and hit the road as soon as possible. We left Saturday morning about 6:45 and had a great trip to Fouke, Arkansas.

It is almost 400 miles from Richton to Fouke and in no time at all we were pulling in to Fairland Holiness Church.

After pulling in and setting up we tried to rest some before the Saturday night service.

Sunday morning was another beautiful day and we enjoyed the service at Fairland very much. Saturday night and Sunday morning were both great and we sure appreciate the warm welcome from all of the folks. We do not get by Fairland as often as we should but they embraced us very kindly any way.

Sis. Shuecraft prepared two great meals for us and we enjoyed the food and the fellowship very much. We love the Shuecrafts very much. They have had a huge impact on the Holiness people and on us in particular. It was very good to be with them.

Davy and Pastor Lloyd Shuecraft

After lunch on Sunday we cranked the BoggsMobile, hooked up the Green Machine and drove about 20 miles to the House of Prayer in Texarkana. It was great to be with Pastor Dennis Heath and his family and all his fine folks. We could not have been treated any better!

After setting up our sound equipment I made a big mistake. I sat down for a few minutes and when I got up I was tired. I had planned again to drive some after church but I knew that option was out the window after I sat down. You see a pattern here? I wimped out twice in one weekend!

We had nearly 300 miles to drive before church Monday night so we were on the road by 7:30 AM on Monday morning.

We had another good travel day with the exception of the Indian Nation Turnpike. Wow! That is rough road! We were pulling into Hilldale Holiness Church in Tulsa shortly after lunch and by then I was really anxious to get some sleep before church.

No rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need any, I guess because I never did get to lay down. We had developed a little bus problem and it demanded my undivided attention until it was solved. I will tell you about it later when I am pretty sure my fix actually fixed it.

We had an outstanding service Monday night with a very good crowd. I also had 100% response in the altar and that is something that I ask for often but rarely see. Praise God for the response.

It is so good to be back with Bro. Nathan Conner and his family and all of the Hilldale folks.

These are super friends and great folks. We are excited to be with them the next two night. I will try to post some pictures from Hilldale on Thursday.

I hope  you had a great weekend as well.


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