Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Friend Kaylynn Hogue

Hey Friends,

It is Odie writing to you from Wichita, Kansas. I can hardly believe it is already September. 2015 is flying by! The Gospel Tent is going up today in Wichita, Kansas. Dad worked hard to get us here Thursday and both Dad and Mom worked very hard in the heat to prepare things yesterday. Today will be another hard day for everyone involved but it will be worth it.

This is our first City Reach campaign! We have been praying about this for over three years and actively planning for City Reach for over two years. Now it finally begins. Please pray that many lost souls will find salvation. We are anticipating a mighty move of God!

You can find a bunch of information about City Reach HERE and specific information about City Reach Wichita HERE. Come be with us this week if you can.

From time to time I like to introduce blog readers to some of our friends. We have been blessed to meet and enjoy the friendship of a lot of good people. We are very thankful for that. Today I would like you to meet Kaylynn Hogue. You have seen Kaylynn in various blog posts over the last year and a half as she has visited our revivals but you may not have know who she is.

Kaylynn and I have shared several mutual friends through the years and I am thankful we finally got the chance to become friends ourselves. Kaylynn attends Bristow Holiness Church in Bristow, Oklahoma. She is dedicated to God and her church. She also loves to attend revival and often comes to be with us even when she has no one to come with her.

Some of you might remember in January 2014 my 2 month old iPhone 5s decided to go for a swim in the toilet. After I rescued the phone from drowning Kaylynn was there to make sure it did not die completely. She took my and phone dried it out the very best she could. Some things you do not expect a friend to do and drying your phone that you dropped in the toilet is one of them. She is a true friend! Thanks again Kaylynn for coming to my aid!

I am so thankful for Godly friends. Kaylynn is so good to visit our revivals whenever we are the area. That is a very special treat for us. Even though we sometimes go months without being in the Tulsa area she is a faithful friend. We do try to keep contact on a regular basis. 

I am glad to say Kaylynn Hogue is my friend. I hope you have enjoyed putting a name to the face. If by chance you are wondering, yes, she is single. LOL 

Have a wonderful weekend!


June 2015 at Sapulpa Campmeeting

August 2015 at South Mission

August 2015 at Hilldale

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