Sunday, July 6, 2014

View Out The Front Window July 6, 2014

Week in Review

This was our view at Dodd's Thursday and Friday.

Out the front window.

And out the front door.

We had planned to leave early to mid morning on Saturday. We did not make it out very early. I blew a fuse while working on the exterior lights on Friday. After I repaired the problems I wanted to see if the lights work so I needed to change the fuse. We have a huge bank of fuses behind the wall in the closet and that is exactly where the blown fuse was. Once I got the closet apart my big fat hands would not fit in the tiny spot.

Never fear, Kelly Jo is here!

By the time "we" put everything back together and had most of the stuff in condition to leave it was nearly 2:00 AM when we laid down. I let the girls rest a while Saturday morning and we pulled out a little before 11:00.

We had to stop in northern Kentucky at Flying J to empty our holding tanks but that was the only stop besides bathroom breaks. We were not in a big rush so we took our time and enjoyed the drive. It was a beautiful day to drive east through the beautiful Kentucky state. I love this place.

We pulled into Dixie Park Free Will Baptist Church Saturday evening and here is our view last night.

From the front window.

Out the front door.

We are singing and preaching here this morning. We were here a few years ago for a service and we are very thankful to be back. I do have a very serious prayer request concerning this church. Pastor Terry Harris was having some health problems and just a few days ago they found he had a cancerous brain tumor. He had surgery Saturday morning to remove as much of the tumor as they could and he will have to have treatments as well. This is Bro. Harris' second bout with cancer and he needs a miracle from the Lord. We know God is able so please join us in praying for complete healing for this Pastor. Pray for his family and his church as well.

My cousin George Boggs came by and visited a little while. I always enjoy visiting with him and I look forward to being in church with him tomorrow and visiting with cousin George and the whole family later in the week.

Tonight we will be at Pleasant Valley Gospel Tabernacle near Olive Hill, Kentucky. Come on out to be with us if you can. I hope you all have a great Sunday.


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