Monday, July 7, 2014

A Great Sunday!

We had two great services Sunday in Kentucky. Sunday morning we were at Dixie Park Free Will Baptist Church in Grayson and Sunday night we were about 13 miles away at Pleasant Valley Gospel Tabernacle near Olive Hill. Dad's first cousin George Boggs and his family attend Dixie Park and another first cousin Reva Whisman and her family attend Pleasant Valley.

We had a great time singing and preaching both places. I always appreciate an open door to minister. God knows I want to encourage and help folks when I can. It is especially nice when we have a chance to be with our families in church. We seldom get to spend much time with our Boggs kin in this area and I appreciate the opportunity to minister in their churches. It was an honor for us and a blessing to us.

It was a busy morning at Dixie Park and we did not get many pictures.

Kelly Jo and Hollywood!

We had a great lunch at a little Mexican place in Grayson. 

After lunch we moved the bus to Olive Hill.

The Green Machine and the BoggsMobile in front of the fellowship hall at Pleasant Valley in Olive Hill.

We have planned a few days off this week. We had this scheduled before we knew we would miss the weeks we did with Odie's eye crisis. We will be parking at a beautiful state park nearby and family will begin trickling in Wednesday night. By Saturday we should have Boggs people all over the place and the Boggs Reunion will be in full swing.

I won't be completely useless this week. I hope to spend the first three days of this week working on sermons for the conference in Nigeria in December. I am usually farther ahead in preparation by now and I need to get to work. If all goes well I should have some outlines in place before the week is out.

We may or may not have phone service or internet this week. If you do not hear from us for a few days you will know why. We will post if we can at all. God bless you all reading.


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