Saturday, July 5, 2014

He Knows My Name

Hey friends, it is Odie. 

How was your 4th of July week?  We had a wonderful time at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio. Dad posted some pictures from revival this week. I always look forward to our services there. We had great fellowship with Pastor Bill and Sis. Norma Lamb and Pastor E.J. and Sis. Lacey Lamb and all the folks. 

Today we leave for eastern Kentucky. We will be at a church in Grayson, Kentucky Sunday morning and near Olive Hill, Kentucky on Sunday night. We are really looking forward to both of these services. We have some extended Boggs family in both places and it is going to be good to be with them and minister in their churches.

I am still rejoicing over the good report I received at the neuro ophthalmologist on Monday! If you have not read Dad's post about it please do. God has been extremely good to our family! We can never thank nor praise Him enough! I still need God's help to navigate through some of this so please continue to pray.

Tuesday night we sang He Knows My Name during the service. The lyrics to this song have always spoken to my heart. While singing it Tuesday, I had a flashback to the first time I heard a portion of the song written by Annie McRae. 

We recorded this on our 2006 project Simple Truth. The song was originally recorded by the McRaes for their 2005 Perfect Love project. The whole album is one of my favorites. 

Summer of 2005 I was sitting in Joplin Missouri listening to clips of the up coming release of Perfect Love. The song immediately reached out and grabbed my heart. The lyrics to the bridge really stood out to me. 

"He knew who I was when He carried my cross, He knew that I would fail Him but He took the loss"

This so very true of the mercy of our great God! The entire song is so encouraging. 

I may not know many of you personally. I may never know your name and I do not know what you are facing today. I felt the need to remind someone that He knows who you are and that you matter to God. He loves you with an everlasting love. 

If you have never heard this song, I suggest you look it up on YouTube. It is also available on iTunes by the McRaes.  Take a moment and read the lyrics and let it uplift you today.

Have a super weekend!! We are scheduled to be in Kentucky tomorrow at two different churches and then a few scheduled days off. I look forward to seeing some extended family I have not seen in a while!


He Knows My Name
Annie McRae

Verse 1 
He counts the stars one and all 
He knows how much sand is on the shores 
He sees every sparrow that falls 
He made the mountains and the seas 
He's in control of everything 
Of all creatures great and small 

He knows my name 
Every step that I take 
Every move that I make 
Every tear that I cry 
He knows my name 
When I'm overwhelmed by the pain 
And can't see the light of day 
I know I'll be just fine 
'Cause He knows my name 

Verse 2 
I don't know what tomorrow may bring 
I can't tell you what's in store 
I don't know a lot of things 
I don't have all the answers
To the questions of life 
But I know in Whom I have believed 

He knew who I was when He carried my cross 
He knew that I would fail Him but He took the loss 

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