Friday, July 4, 2014

Lebanon, Ohio - Revival In Pictures

Did you catch the Birthday Post for Kelly Jo yesterday? We did make it to Acapulco for lunch. 

And a nice meal late Thursday evening after Odie was finished at Kettering with the MRI. 

Isn't she beautiful?

The rest of the day was spent moving the BoggsMobile to Dodds and working on top of the bus. The AC that we use the most has been acting up and it was time to climb up and find the problem. 

Of course after I was up there with my tools spread out and the AC cover removed the 10% chance of rain became 100%. I looked like a drowned rat, a HUGE drowned rat perched on top of a bus! I was able to get it going again temporarily and I have a part ordered for the permanent fix.

One of the brackets to the fan motor broke.

I pulled the whole fan assembly out and the neighbor to Dodds church welded the bracket back on in few minutes.

The noise that alerted us to the problem was the plastic squirrel cage fan on one end of the motor rubbing against the housing. The broken bracket allowed it to sag. It will work for now but I have a new plastic squirrel cage ordered.

Then I get to take it a part and do it again.

We had five great services at Anchor of Hope near Lebanon, Ohio this week. I appreciate Pastor Bill Lamb and his church for embracing us this week and allowing the lord to work in our midst. We really enjoyed the services and I really enjoyed preaching. 

We had good fellowship from area churches and pastors but God really helped the Anchor of Hope folks and that was wonderful to see. Thank God that He comes near us when we are in need of His touch. Praise God for His help.

I hope you enjoy a few pictures.


We saw four skunks after church one night.

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