Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3rd - Happy Birthday, Kelly Jo!

My girl is having another birthday today.

Some of my favorite pictures of Kelly Jo.

And one from yesterday.

Kelly Jo is is the hardest working preacher's wife I know. She does so much behind the scenes to take care of me and Odie and to keep us on the road. All that work is in addition to all the playing and singing, set up and tear down that everybody can see.

She loves our little girl more than I can describe and if she doesn't love me then she deserves a Lifetime Achievement Oscar from the Academy Awards because she has me and everybody else fooled by her acting. No way anybody could keep up such an incredible act for 30 years.

If I remember correctly I have been with her on every one of her birthdays since she turned 16. I also attended her 11th birthday party as well. It is a pleasure and honor to spend the day with her again today. I am thankful to be blessed with her love and friendship. 

It is incredible that she chooses to spend another year with me. I will probably take her to Acapulco for lunch today and this evening after Odie is finished with her MRI, I may take Kelly Jo some place really special and buy her a birthday burrito! She deserves it!

Happy Birthday, Kelly Jo. I love you, baby doll. I hope you have a great day and a super year.


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  1. Happy Birthday!! We Love and Miss Ya'll.
    Von, Alicia, Brianna, Rylan and Ayden


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