Friday, July 18, 2014

Metropolis, Illinois - Revival In Pictures

It has been a great three nights in Metropolis, Illinois with Pastor Russell Gilbert and the folks at Cherry Street Pentecostal Church. We have had good services topped off with very good altar services after the preaching. Wednesday night we had 100% response in the altar and I always celebrate that when it happens. 

God has certainly been good to us and we appreciate it very much. We have been blessed with several visitors from local churches and some from the community as well. I am very thankful when folks take time to be in church with us. People are so busy and there is always something that needs to be done so it is a special treat when folks lay all that aside and come on out to revival. May God bless them for it.

I pray that God blesses Bro. and Sis. Gilbert and their church too. Like so many other churches they have opened their doors to us many times over the years. We are still on the road after all these years because of churches just like Cherry Street. Praise God for their hospitality and kindness. We have had a wonderful time this week.

Below you will find several pictures from revival in Metropolis. I hope you enjoy them.


Pastor and Sis. Gilbert

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