Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AC Repair on the BoggsMobile

I mentioned I had a problem with an air conditioner in this post a few weeks ago. It has now been resolved and repaired so I thought I would post the pictures.

The four roof airs on the BoggsMobile are Dometic Penquin 13.5 units that I had installed in November, 2009. The roof air that we use the most is the one that had the broken fan motor bracket. I had the bracket welded but one of the fans had been rubbing because of the broken bracket and needed to be replaced.

I appreciate Bro. Joe Dikeman from the Granite City church near St. Louis locating and ordering the proper fan. The new fan caught up to me last week in Illinois and the weather was perfect for climbing up on the roof. It was a beautiful day.

Here's the old fan.

And here's the new fan.

I had to remove the whole fan unit again to change the fan but it was not too difficult.

It purrs like it is brand new. The replacement they sent me is metal but other than that it is the same. If the bracket breaks again and it starts sagging the metal fan will let me know in a hurry. The smaller fan on the other side is already metal.

While I was up there on my hands and knees I took some time to look things over and clean up a few things. I am glad to have that taken care of for a while. The heat and humidity is back now and we need all the AC we can get.


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