Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Part II - Pictures From Carter Caves State Park

I hope you enjoyed the pictures in yesterday's post. We only have a few more today and then a few more tomorrow. We appreciate all the texts, emails and phone calls from friends and family commenting on the pictures. Here we go again.

With most browsers you can click on the pictures and look at them in a bigger format.

The first day Kelly Jo and I walked down to the Smokey Natural Bridge. The next walk included Steve, Karen, Cousin Reva's grandson Solomon, Kelly Jo and myself. That walk included the Raven Natural Bridge. We have some pictures today of our third walk. We went past the Raven Bridge again to get to the Fern Natural Bridge with Steve, Karen, Tommy, Holly, Jonas, Luke, Kelly Jo and me.

It was a little over two mile walk through some beautiful country.

The Fern bridge.

55 steps straight up from the bottom of the Fern Bridge.

I think I have a few more pictures of the Fern Bridge walk that are included in tomorrow's post.

Brats, mets, hot dogs and roasted corn is a feast fit for a king.

Here are some pictures of everyone getting ready to sing Friday night.

Here are a few pictures of the actual Boggs Family reunion on Saturday.

One branch of the family.

Holly and Jay fighting for preeminence.

Then we gathered around the fire Saturday evening at the campground for a Mexican S'mores feast!

Do you notice a trend here? Eat, sing, walk, eat, sing, eat, fellowship, eat, sing, walk, eat, sing, eat, fellowship, eat, sing, walk, eat, sing, eat, fellowship. Wow! What a great time we had. The pictures have me missing all the food everyone already!

Join us tomorrow for more pictures.


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