Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nashville, Tennessee With the Morris Family

We started revival last night at Beechfork Holiness Church. It is great to be with our Tennessee friends again. I will have pictures later in the week.

I promised a full report from our time in Nashville. I do not have all the pictures pulled together but these pictures will cover the most important stuff for sure!

Here's Odie playing the guitar and singing at the Ryman Auditorium Tuesday. She was awesome, of course!

But before I get into all of that I will tell you about Monday evening. Pastor Scott Morris, Sis. Kim and Sis. Regan drove up from Mississippi to spend a little time with us. They drove all the way from Mississippi! Wow! What amazing friends. We had a wonderful time visiting, eating and spending time with them. These are super great folks. 

Thank you Scott, Kim and Regan for making our week! We owe you big time.

Monday evening we walked around Opry Mills Mall and ate a super meal at Cock of the Walk.

We even took a little rockin' chair time.

Watch your speed!

Tuesday we toured the old Ryman Auditorium. I love this old place. I have read about everything I can about this old church and I am convinced I need to preach revival in the Ryman. I have been convinced of it for years.

Then we slipped over the hill and had a great meal at Jack's BBQ. We have eaten at Jack's on Trinity Lane several times but this was our first time eating at the one downtown.

Back to Odie singing at the Ryman. When she was on the stage you could here a pin drop. It was if there was nobody at all in the whole building besides us and Odie. I was so proud of her!

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