Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Schedule Changes and More Tent Pictures

The last two years I have learned some real lessons in scheduling revivals. The main lesson being that everything is subject to drastic change at any moment! We have had to change, cancel, postpone, or shorten more revivals the last 18 months than we have in over 14 years of evangelizing combined.

The reasons range from sickness in our families and friends, death and funerals, mechanical troubles, unforeseen logistical problems in tent revivals and lately because of Odie's health crisis with her eye. That does not even include Pastors that have needed to cancel or reschedule for whatever reason.

It is enough some times to make me wonder if I even know what I am supposed to be doing. I mentioned the other day that I get excited when God starts changing things around but there are times when I wonder if God is within a million miles of what I think I should do. These sudden changes are still exciting but for all the wrong reasons. Lol!

When Odie started having trouble we had to cut short revival in Salem, Kentucky and cancel revivals in Gainesville, Texas and Lawton, Oklahoma and we hated to do it. All those churches have been faithful to have us multiple times and we love going there. In June we had to cancel Homecoming revival near Wartburg, Tennessee because Pastor Herman Woods was in the hospital. We have basically rearranged our whole summer twice. Neither way worked!

Some of the changes have been good. If it were not for rearranging things we would not be in revival this week at Anchor of Hope. We would be missing out on the great move of God we are experiencing these last few nights. So God gets the glory even when I do not have a clue as to where I am really supposed to be until I find myself there.

This week we had some other changes out of our control but it did open a window for us to squeeze in Bro. Woods and his church in Tennessee. We will be able to swing by there and only go a couple hundred miles out of the way. IF all goes as planned we will be there July 23rd-27th, Wednesday through Sunday. We have been preaching for them for 26 years and we are glad to be able to reschedule that revival.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Stick around because something is liable to change again. Thank God that He does not change!

Here are a few more pictures from tent revival in Goshen, Ohio. These are from Friday night. We only have few from the tent take down for some reason. It came down great and the home folks and visitors all worked well together. It was a great night.

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