Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tent Down Early

The weather is supposed to get nasty tomorrow and Saturday. In fact it is supposed to start storming later tonight. The sky is lighting up with wicked looking lightening right now.

It does not look like we would be able to get the tent down dry until Monday so Pastor Lakes suggested taking it down tonight after church. It rained a little about 5 but the sun was shining and the tent was dry before church started.

After service the tent came down without a hitch. The folks worked hard and in just a little while it was all finished and loaded in the trailer. Odie took some pictures while it was coming down and I will try to post them when we wrap up revival.

It is always a relief to get the tent down dry and packed away. But revival is not over yet.We did not put the chairs in the trailer because we will use them for church tomorrow night. If it is not storming to bad we can have church under the pavilion next to where the tent was set up. If it is storming we can have it in the Gym.

The service tonight was excellent again and we are expecting even greater things tomorrow. It is amazing how many people from the community have been praying in the altars this week. God is touching people each night and I am sure that tomorrow night will be more of the same and better.

Thank you so much for praying for us.


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  1. Looks like you'all gonna get some of what we had last night. Tornado warning for the north part of our county last night but nothing at our house but lots-o-rain. You guys be safe!

    Prayin' for ya!


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