Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Beautiful Day and A Stormy Night

Wow! The devastation in Oklahoma is incredible. It is absolutely amazing that hundreds of people were not killed in that tornado. Praise God for his protection. Continue to pray for all of those affected. There are thousands of people who will be consumed by this storm for quite a while.

The weather was beautiful here today in Bristol, Virginia. It was beautiful that is, right up until the end of service. The folks helped us quickly pack the sound equipment in the trailer and then the lightning, thunder, rain and wind started in earnest. It only lasted about 40-50 minutes but it was quite a storm.

I am glad to report that the tent handled it well although several of the chairs were blown over and every thing under the tent received a good soaking. I am always glad the stakes are driven in good and the straps are super tight when the wind starts blowing like that. I suspect that sometimes  folks think I am a little obsessive compulsive about the tent setup but it is worth it when the tent performs like it is supposed to in a storm.

We are have had very good altar services this week. God is faithful to help folks that come unto Him through His son Christ Jesus. Praise God for the access we have to the God Heaven and earth through Jesus our Savior. This old world can be a cold dark place. It does not take long to get beat up and bruised. I am so glad to point people who have been battered to a God that wants to help them.

That is what Gospel preaching is all about. I love to tell the good news to every one that will listen. There are a certain number of people that are not going to come into our churches for whatever reason. I love to take the good news of Jesus Christ to them. I am very thankful for churches that are interested in joining us in that effort.

We passed by the church and tent on the interstate the other day and I wanted to go back while the sun was shining and take a picture of the tent from that vantage point. You can see the tent from I-81 very clearly as you pass by even though my iPhone does not capture it properly.

I zoomed this one in while I was standing there.

The church has great visibility from the interstate and from Hwy 11 that runs by at the foot of the hill. It sure would be nice if Bro. Horton and his folks could buy this building at a good price. It is for sale and they are leasing to buy but the price is way inflated. I believe this is going to be a great location for them so help them pray that the price would lower to a reasonable amount. God is certainly able to do it.

One more night here in Bristol and then we will take down the tent and be on our way. I am hoping the weather cooperates and we can get the tent down after church Wednesday night. That would be great.

God bless you all.


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