Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday May 28, 2013

We had another great service tonight (Tuesday) under the blue and white Gospel tent. We had two saved Monday night and at least two saved tonight. Praise God for reaching souls for Christ right here in Springville, Indiana. Hallelujah!

The crowds have been good each night with visitors from local churches, visitors from the community and the Tunnel Hill folks. They have been worshiping and praising God and He has been saving and blessing. Praise God for His help.

We have been taking pictures each night and we will post them later in the week. Since our phone signal is nonexistent and our Internet is slow, it is night unto impossible to email very many pictures to the blog. We should have plenty when the time comes.

We kissed a dear with the Green Machine the night before we left home in December. We barely hit the deer and she did not seem damaged at all. The Green Machine was not hurt too bad but the plastic bumper was cracked and two braces behind it were cracked as well.

Bro. Jack and Bro. Tom Jacobs from the Tunnel Hill church are excellent auto body repairmen and work in a local shop. The did some repair work on my tent trailer last year so I saved this job for them this year. Bro. Lakes and I took the bumper off and took it to them.

The Green Machine does not look very happy with it's face torn off.

My Dad and I had taken the bumper off last fall to install the base plate for towing. If I had not taken the bumper off before I do not think I would have tried it on my own. I am not the most mechanical person in the world. But I knew it was just a hand full of screws and it pops right off. It is not really driveable as it is. We will be glad to get it all put back together.

Have a great day.


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