Friday, May 24, 2013

We Have Landed In Springville, Indiana

We rested good last night in the WalMart parking lot after a hard day Thursday. I let the girls rest a while this morning while I took care of some of my work. The rest of the trip to Springville, Indiana went smoothly. (With the exception of navigating the BoggsMobile and the trailer through Beford. Kelly Jo is definitely prayed through now!) We arrived at the tent site about 12:30.

Last year we held tent revival for the Tunnel Hill church in Owensburg. Pastor Dallas Lakes could not secure the same place this year so we are having tent revival in Springville just west of Bedford. We are setting up  next to this old gymnasium that belongs to the city of Springville. It is across the street from a park and there a plenty of houses within shouting distance.

We plan to set the tent up on the other side of the trailer. There is a man spreading gravel with an orange tractor in the picture. That is where the tent should be.

Bro. and Sis. Lakes are excited about tent revival and we are too. Their folks have been praying and witnessing and we are expecting great big things from God. We had a great time with them last year and there is no telling what God might do this week.

We parked the bus and then Bro. Dallas moved the trailer into position with his truck. After we determined the exact placement of the tent I wired the bus into electric and came inside for a while. After a bite of late breakfast/early supper, Kelly Jo and I will go out and mark the stake line for the tent. When all the help arrives at 8:00 tomorrow morning we should be ready to drive stakes.

It is a little cool today but the weather guessers are calling for a pretty good week. It is amazing how much rain we have had during every tent revival this spring. In 2011 we had a light sprinkle of rain during one service and that was all. I think we had service about 50 nights that year. Last year we had a little more rain during services but this year has been rainy. Well, rain or shine God is still in control.

We have almost zero phone service in this location. We probably will not be able to talk or text unless we happen to be in Bedford. We do have a little bit of internet but only a little. We "should" be able to blog but it remains to be seen whether or not we can post pictures.

If the pictures will post I will try to put up a picture of the pork tenderloin sandwich from the country store down the road. This is going to be a good week!


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