Monday, May 6, 2013

Super Great Sunday

Sunday was a super great day for us with two super great services. It was wonderful to have Bro. Shobanke with us in both services. He was a blessing to both churches we visited and God used him as he prayed for those that came forward.

We were at Pastor Danny Morgan's church, House of Deliverance, in Hillsboro, Ohio Sunday morning. It was good to be with Kelly Jo's family and watch the Lord move among them. We had a wonderful Sunday morning service.

Sunday night we were at Dodds with Pastor Rex Lloyd and his folks and we had a wonderful time there as well. It is always good to be at Dodds when we are home. They have been so good to allow us to park at their church and it is a great blessing to us.

We are off to pick up Bro. Shobanke for lunch and we plan to take him with us to Dryden Rd. with us tonight. The church is in revival with Bro. Douglas Meadow and we are excited about that.

God bless you all. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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