Friday, May 10, 2013

A Prayer Request

Some friends of ours are experiencing a terrible tragedy. Bro. Tim Fouts and his wife lost their son in a drowning accident yesterday. Nathan was on a short term mission trip to Nicaragua and was believed to be pulled out from shore and under by a riptide. They were able  to bring him back to shore but it was too late.

Nathan was in his early 20's and his parents, friends and church are obviously devastated. Would you please pray for Bro. and Sis. Fouts, their family and the church they pastor near Salem, Kentucky. They need God to help them in a miraculous way.

There is no way to offer the right words or sentiment. I can not explain why the world is filled with hurt, pain, confusion and death. I know that it is all tied back to sin and Adam's choice of sin in the garden. Sin and the effects of sin have had 6000 years to destroy the paradise the God created for man to live in.

I understand all of that in an abstract sense, but when tragedy strikes close to home none of that brings comfort at all. It will take the Lord to comfort this family. Please pray that He will surround them with the peace they need.


We pulled into Grace Pentecostal Holiness Church in Bristol, Virginia today. It was very difficult to get into the neighborhood and even more difficult to get the BoggsMobile and the trailer into the church but we made it. We prayed and asked God for guidance and help and I believe He gave it. I will probably have to have some one pull the trailer out when we leave but we will cross that bridge next week.

I am planning to put the tent up in the gravel area in the foreground of this picture. The trailer will be swung around and parked next to the church behind the BoggsMobile.

We are working on preparations today and all the help should be here at 8:00 tomorrow morning to set up the tent. The weather guesser is calling for rain tomorrow and cool temperatures until Tuesday. Let's hope and pray that he is wrong again. It is beautiful and warm today.

My Dad continues to improve. He had his follow up appointment with the surgeon yesterday and all reports were good. I am so glad he is recovering well to this point. Thank you so much for praying for him and my Mother.

God bless,


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  1. I went to Granite City Youth Camp with Bro. Nathan. I ate with him in April right after PFYC.


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