Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ozark Bible Institute Overcomers

Update from Odie:

Great news!!!! My Papaw was able to come home this afternoon. He is glad to be home. Thanks again for your prayers. I know he appreciates them. Papaw told me yesterday, when I would  tell him about friends checking on him, "tell them I'm still alive." He needs lots of rest. I may have to tie him down to keep him from over doing it. We are thankful he is on the mend.

The Overcomer choir from OBI were singing again in the area Wednesday night. Aunt Karen and Isaac allowed me to ride with them to the service. I was glad for the chance to hear the choir again.

My cousin Deidre Boggs is in the choir this year. Deidre just completed her freshman year at OBI. I am so proud of her!!! She testified great last night. If you get the chance to see the choir on this tour she is the tall blonde in the soprano section.

Several of my friends also are in the choir. It was so good to see all of them. One family I was glad to see was Bro. Alex and Sis. Jessie Cooper. Both have been my friends for a long time. Now they have the addition of Bodie to their little family. He was was born premature last fall. Bodie is a precious miracle!!!

Here are some pictures from last night.


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  1. Love the Overcomers, seeing that Jamin is the drummer! Just saw Deidre tonight! Love ya, Julie Martin


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