Thursday, May 9, 2013

Travel Day and Other News

Today (Thursday) was a fairly long travel day. We left Dodds church at 9:00 AM and arrived at WalMart in Bristol, Virginia a little after 5:30 PM. We drove a little over 400 miles so that is our longest day in quite a while.

It is always neat to see people we know along the road while we are traveling. Just as we crossed the Ohio river going into Kentucky somebody passed us while blowing their horn and waving. I thought at first that they were telling me something was wrong but it was obviously a friendly wave. I do not know who it was but Kelly Jo thinks they were driving an Infinity. If you read this, leave a comment.

A couple of hours later another guy drove by honking the horn and waving. This one called me and it was Bro. Timmy Carpenter. He works around Richmond and he was on his way home to London. He talked me into stopping for lunch (It was not very hard to talk me into lunch) and we met him and his Dad, Lester Carpenter at White Castle. I happened to know ahead of time that White Castle has bus parking. Lol

It was great to see Bro. Tim and Bro. Lester and to visit with them for a while. Both of these men have been our friends since Kelly Jo and I were teenagers. That is a long time on anybody's calendar! Thanks Bro. Tim for the lunch.

We are excited about having tent revival for Bro. Lester next year. It will be our first tent revival in that part of Kentucky. We have lots of friends all around London so I hope we will have lots of participation.

When we pulled into Bristol I parked at the WalMart so I could drive the Green Machine to look at the route into the church. The church is up on a hill and it will be a little tricky getting the BoggsMobile and tent trailer in without scraping. I scoped it it out and I am pretty sure I can do it.

By the time that was finished, it was getting late in the evening. I decided to get a good night sleep and pull into the church with plenty of daylight and while I am fresh. I will measure for the stake line tomorrow and we will put up the tent on Saturday morning by God's grace.

Pastor David Horton has been experiencing revival the last several months with several folks saved. I am expecting this tent revival to be a continuation of that. Pray that God will have His way among lost people in this community. I can not wait to see what He is going to do.

We were blessed to attend revival at our home church Monday and Tuesday night. They are in revival this week with Pastor Douglas Meadow. Both services we attended were great. It was good to be home.

We had Bro. Shobanke with us Monday night and that was good as well. Our folks enjoyed having him in service and he definitely enjoyed being there. Tuesday morning my parents fixed a big country breakfast for him and then I drove him to West Harrison, Indiana. 

I deposited Bro. Shobanke in the care of Bro. Hobert Bowling and Pastor Wade Hicks. It sure was great to have him for a few days but I know those men will take good care of him.

Here are a few pictures from Dryden Rd.


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