Saturday, June 1, 2013

Last Night of "Tent" Revival

Friday was the last night of tent revival although for the third tent revival in a row, the last service was not under the tent. In Millry, Bristol and now Springville the rain caused us to take the tent down before the last night. But as in each of those previous occasions, we still had a wonderful service.

Bro. Lakes worked hard with us yesterday to prepare the shelter for the service. All that hard work paid off when the great crowd showed up ready to have church. God met with us in the altar on the final night and folks went home rejoicing. It was tremendous. Praise God for it.

It was youth rally night so several of the local churches were represented. It was good to see so many familiar faces in the congregation. We started going to Youth Camp in the Shady Springs fellowship 24 years ago, so these folks have been our friends a long time. It was great to see them and to be a part of youth rally.

After service everybody jumped in to help tear down and load up. It did not take long at all and all the heavy lifting, organizing and strapping down was completed. I appreciate all the folks that helped. The Tunnel Hill Church folks are super hard workers and it is pleasure to work along side of them. Plus many of the visitors worked hard last night too.

While we were working, Odie was working her charm on the crowd. Most of these folks have known Odie since she was 3 years old and they have been smitten all of that time. She loves them too and loves being in church in this area.

It was a special treat to have Pastor John Eaton from Evansville, Indiana in church with us last night. Bro. John is a great man and a super friend. He serves on our ministry board as well and I appreciate his friendship and Godly advice.

It rained a whole bunch Thursday night and Friday morning but that was nothing compared to the rain we have had the last few hours. The same storm system that caused so much destruction in Oklahoma has been pushing rain right through Indiana. About 3:00 this morning it was really rough around here. It is still raining as I type and is supposed to rain all day.

We need to hook up and head toward Ohio today. My cousin, Annette Cook, passed away on Thursday. Her visitation is tonight and the funeral is Sunday. Please pray for her husband, son and extended family. We would like to make it to the visitation tonight but all of this rain and the mud it generates complicates things some. 

We have a huge mud puddle in front of and underneath the bus. It not dry out all week long even with lots of sunshine. The present rain is creating a lake and that is not good news. They assure me it is very solid under that water but the BoggsMobile is 45,000 lbs without me in it. It remains to be seen if we can get it out or not.

Worse case scenario is that we will have to drive the Green Machine home for the funeral and then come back for the bus. That would mean an extra 7 hours of driving but it is doable. I hope the bus pulls right out. I do not want this thing stuck in the mud! Please pray.

We have lots of pictures from tent revival and we will try to post them in the next few days. Thank you for praying for us.



  1. I see lots of people I know! :) Love the panorama at the end.

  2. Thanks, Sis. Julie. It was so good to see everybody but we missed your face in the mix.

    Thanks for the comment about the panorama. I took that one!



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