Saturday, May 11, 2013

Burrito California from Acapulco in Lebanon, Ohio

It is time for the final tally of Burrito California's from Acapulco while we were home. I think I took a picture of every one that I ate. I will let you do the math. I know this much, every one of them was delicious and the salsa was good enough to drink every day.

I started ordering the Burrito California with mushrooms and cilantro this time and that makes it even better. Sometimes they put the cilantro inside and other times they put it on the outside or both. That accounts for the difference in the pictures.

The employees of Acapulco sure took care of me while I was home this time. They brought me plenty of water, lots of salsa and huge burrito's. Of course, I try to do my part by bringing in the crowd and spreading the word. I think it is an even trade!

The tent is going up in Bristol, Virginia today, by God's grace. Please pray for us.


This one was huge!

This one was hugeR!


  1. My goodness! You must like those burrito's! Julie Martin

  2. Haha! I surely do!



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