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On The Road Again Newsletter - May 16, 2013

Don't forget to PRAY for Marty Millikin.

This is the latest newsletter from Odie. She is prepping them for the mail as I post this so blog readers get a sneak peak. Wow! There are so many perks to reading this blog. I hope you enjoy. Odie always loves to hear back from you.


On The Road Again!

Published by Boggs Family Ministries
Volume 11 Issue 3, May 16, 2013

Boggs Family Ministries
 P.O. Box 28
Waynesville, OH  45068
Praising God

Odie’s View
From The Back.

   Hey Friends!!  We have been asking you to pray since November for my Papaw Eugene Boggs because he had cancer.  They were finally able to do the surgery on, April 30th.  The doctor feels he was able to get all the cancer with surgery.  We are praising God for brining Papaw through safely.  Now he is in for a long recovery.  He does not like to sit still.  We have to keep a close eye on him.  Thank you so much for your prayers for our family.
   Now for the road news.  The last letter was sent out right before campmeeting at Allentown.  It was a wonderful meeting.  We received much needed spiritual strength for our souls.  It is always a blessing to fellowship with many friends.  Pastor Eugene Futral and all the churches involved do a wonderful job with the meeting.
   This year the weekend before Allentown we were with the Apostle Donald C. Williamson.  It is a honor to call the fine congregation of Tanner Williams Holiness Church our friends!!  We love them so much!
   It was a privilege to be with Pastor Tim Cauley at Forts Lakes Assembly in Moss Point, Mississippi.  It was a great week of revival. The church received help and souls were saved.  Sis. Ruthie “Angel” Cauley is one of our favorite cooks.  Y’all know Dad had a good time eating that week.
   Thanks to Pastor Michael Groves for inviting us to Gospel Lighthouse in Mobile, Alabama.  We had a great Sunday with you all.
   Then it was time for four days of R&R.  It was good to rest up before starting Tent Revivals for 2013.
   The Blue and White Gospel Tent was set up the first time  this year in Citronelle, Alabama.  It was a pleasure to work again with Pastor Gaylon Cunningham and the Whatley Holy Church of God and Pastor Darius Templeton and the Cedar Creek Holy Church of God.  They have a great desire to win their community to God.  Thank you for working so hard on tent revival!
   We then took the tent to Millry, Alabama.  Pastor Lamar Chapman and the church at Midway Assembly did a wonderful job of hosting the revival in Millry.  The community was very supportive of the revival.
   We were hindered some by the rain and storms but God really blessed in the services. Please help us pray for clear weather the rest of the season.  We have had to deal with cold and rain both revivals.
   Pioneer church works are very close to our hearts.  Bro. Larry West has pioneered Refuge Holiness Tabernacle.   They are currently in Coaling, Alabama.  Their burden is to reach the Tuscaloosa area for Christ.  We enjoyed getting to be with them for five services. We had a great time.
   I have exciting news. Our new CD, “He Came -The Gospel of Christmas” is now available for pre-orders.  We hope to have them back in August. Call or email for more information.
   It has been several years since we have recorded a studio project.  It was exciting to be back in the studio in April.  We had the privilege to work again with the amazing and talented Ben Isaacs. Our musicians this time around were Mom on piano, Ben Isaacs on bass, and Greg Ritchie on drums.  We are very excited about this project and hope you love it!
   Pastor E. Ade Shobanke is currently visiting the states from Nigeria.  It was great to have him visit us again in Ohio. We enjoyed having him so much.
   It was a pleasure to be at our home church, Dryden Road Pentecostal Church, for a few services.  It is always good to be home with our pastor Bro.  Bennie Sutherland.
   Thanks to Pastors Acy Lamb, Rex Lloyd and Danny Morgan for having us in your churches.  We love you all!
   We are now in Bristol, Virginia in tent revival with Pastor David Horton and the Grace Pentecostal Holiness Church. This is also a pioneer work and we are having a wonderful time. God is blessing.
   Well, I hear the engine starting so I better go ‘cause we’re On the Road Again.

You can see our full schedule HERE.

As Odie was telling you, tent revivals are well under way this year. God has been blessing and helping in each and every service. We are rejoicing as God reaches for the lost and hurting in these revivals. It is amazing to watch Him work. We have several more tent revivals scheduled for this year including three that I would call mission revivals. One for a church in Washington, Illinois that is trying to get off the ground on June 30th, one with the Martin Family, Hope for the Home Ministries and a local church in Dunseith, North Dakota among the Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribe on July 28th and the third is in the state of Chiapas, Mexico with Bro. Larry Landress and Holiness In Mexico in December.
  We are asking God to move in every revival but we really need God’s help in these three especially. The spiritual pressure, the physical load, the logistics and the financial burden are more than we are able to bear ourselves. But we have found that where God opens the doors, he also provides the necessary strength to walk through those doors. I know that we will report victory when all is said and done. Thank you so much for praying for us.
  We also have tent revivals in Indiana, Oklahoma, Missouri and Mississippi to finish off the year. Pray with us that God will save, bless, heal and deliver in all of these meetings. God bless you all. 

As Odie mentioned in the newsletter we have just recorded a new CD. We are calling it

He Came
The Gospel of Christmas

   Our family loves the Christmas season. We love the traditions of Christmas. We love the meals, the family time, giving special gifts, the meals, the decorations, the special church services and we especially love the great meals. No, seriously we especially love all of the traditional Christmas music. We probably have more Christmas CDs than is legal in most states.

   We love the traditional carols and we love the light hearted songs of Christmas too. What resonates with us the most in the message of Christmas. It is the fact that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, became one of us in order to save us. God became flesh and dwelt among us! Oh, praise God!

   We want to proclaim that life giving message on this new CD. We want the world to know that He Came that they might be saved. We have recorded a few traditional Christmas songs and some new Christmas songs but a couple of the songs we recorded have not been associated with Christmas at all. But they all tell The Gospel of Christmas. The good news of Christmas, that Jesus Christ came to seek and to save that which is lost.

   We are blessed again to have Ben Isaacs working with us on this new CD. Ben is gracious, humble and super duper talented. We are so glad to have to have Ben producing this project.

We hope to have the new CD in our hands by August 1. If you pre-order it by July 1 the shipping is free. If you pre-order 10 or more shipped to one address, we will discount them $3 each and still ship them for free. They must be shipped to the same address to take advantage of that. 

  If you would like an order form you can email me for a copy.

He Came - The Gospel of Christmas

I Could Not Come to You
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - Instrumental
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
Until He Came
Three Faithful Heralds - Instrumental
Long Time Coming
Getting Ready for a Baby
He Came - Sermon
He Came to Me


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