Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No-Miss November

I try to post regular to the blog. I usually think I'm doing pretty good if I can put up 18-20 posts per month. The only time I hear from some folks is when I'm not posting often enough. Lol. That's OK. It is nice to be wanted. At least I know you are out there. I intend to post often but I want to have good content as well. I admire people that can post something interesting or thought provoking every day.

I am obviously not there yet but I did manage another No-Miss Nobember. That is, for the second year in a row I posted everyday in November. I worked on posts for this month from Montana, Utah, California, Georgia and Ohio. I typed posts on airplanes, in airports, sitting in McDonald's, standing outside in one place so I could get signal and in the warmth of the BoggsMobile. I have wrote about revival, friends, family, weather, churches, Pastors, music, food or whatever else came to mind. I have posted pictures of special people, places and some of my favorite foods! 30 days and 30 blog posts.

Posting everyday is certainly not a great accomplishment in the grand scheme of things but it's done. Now I hope I can think of something to write about tomorrow.

Until then... Back to the weather...
It snowed here at home last night. We were on our way to church in the rain when, lo and behold, it turned into snow! It is not the first day of snow here this year or the first we have seen this year but it did surprise us. After our experience in February with the Tulsa blizzard even a little snow makes me want to go WAY south!

Thanks for reading the blog. I hope it is warm where you are.


Here's a picture just as it started down.

And after church


  1. Thanks for the "no miss November". I can honestly say this is one of the first websites I go to every morning. Even if you have already posted something for that particular day, I catch myself checking it again and again hoping you might post something else. Thank you.

    PS- I know nothing about twitter, but maybe you guys should think about opening up a twitter account. DOES ANYONE ELSE AGREE??? Let it be known....I vote YES.

  2. Thanks for your kindness, Tommy. You are very encouraging.

    Twitter might be a stretch. Can you imagine Odie's twitter everyday??

    11:20 Am: Good morning from the BoggsMobile...

    12:10 PM: Loading up in The General to meet the Pastor for lunch...

    5:45 PM: Getting ready for church...

    10:15 PM: Great service. Dad preached same message as last Tuesday and Wednesday before that and the three Sunday's before that and...

    2:00 AM: Turning out the light. Good night all....


  3. Odie's Tweet next day....

    10:50 Am: Good morning from the BoggsMobile. Early lunch today so I had to get up early...

    11:45 PM: Loading up in The General to meet the Pastor for lunch...

    5:45 PM: Getting ready for church...

    10:15 PM: Great service. On the way to eat with folks from church. Dad preached same message as last Thursday and Monday before that and the three out the last six Friday's before that and...

    1:30 AM: Going to bed early. Turning out the light. Good night all....

  4. I can't stop laughing....that is hilarious.

    Odie is with me. She wanted me to tweet:
    2:52pm - Getting ready to eat dinner at mamaw and papaw's...waiting on mom and dad to get here.

  5. This made me laugh!! :~)

  6. Meaning Davy. Gone plum nuts. I like it.


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