Sunday, November 20, 2011

Travel Day - El Mirage, Arizona - Waynesville, Ohio

After church Friday night Pastor Jimmy Munoz drove us back to the Airport in Phoenix so we could fly home. We took the Red-Eye flight (When I looked in the mirror after arriving in Atlanta at 6:00 Eastern and 4:00 Mountain I understand whey they call it the Red-Eye) from Phoenix to Atlanta and then on to Dayton, Ohio by around 10:00. We actually like the overnight flights most of the time and this one was very smooth.

We were very glad to arrive at the BoggsMobile! We have been gone four weeks. That is the longest we have been away from our home on wheels since we moved in. My bed, chair and familiar space were calling my name. We had a wonderful trip but it is good to be back. My mother, sister and both my brothers were here when we arrived but Dad was delivering Thanksgiving baskets. I'm sure I will see him tomorrow.

I didn't get to rest right away because the battery in The General was dead when my brother Tommy tried to start it. He was on his way to pick us up in Dayton but had to change plans on the run. After we dropped KJ, Odie and the luggage at the bus we went to Tommy's  house and cranked The General with the help of jumper cables. My brother Steve just "happened" to have a brand new battery that was the exact size and post configuration as the old one. Isn't that awesome?

So I slept for a few hours then Kelly Jo and I went late to Frisch's (Sorry no pictures) and now we are ready to crash again. We are supposed to start revival Sunday night (technically that's tonight) for Bro. Randy Brown in Sharonville, Ohio and I may sleep until it's time to go there.

Be sure to check the blog Monday. I have a post on Forgiveness going up then. I want everyone to read it.
God bless you all,


Odie in Atlanta

Home Sweet Home!

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  1. We are glad that everything went well on the trip. We are praying for Bro. Anthony. Thanks for the great posts and updates.


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