Friday, November 18, 2011

Heavy Duty Seat Belt Extension

When we fly I have to ask for a seat best extension. One of the reasons I fly in a suit and tie is that I am treated much better by the airline employees and TSA than I would be in jeans and a pull over, especially considering my size. I am always treated with the utmost respect by the flight personnel.  But last Saturday they slipped in an insult under the radar... Or should I say under the seat belt??

Here is a closer view...

Rated for 3000 lbs! Wow! I know I'm big but do I really look that big? "Hey we got a huge one coming your way. Better break out the heavy duty extensions! You think the 1000 lbs one will hold him? No, you better find the 3000 lbs extension. I think its in the back of the cabinet."   Lol


  1. On the seat belt did you notice under "Conforms to:" it spells out another word.....
    Life is too funny not to laugh at oneself.
    May we all "expand our borders" this Thanksgiving!! Hank's Mama

  2. That is Hilarious! I didn't notice that. They had me described perfectly!
    Thanks for pointing that out Hank's Mama.



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