Thursday, December 1, 2011

Congratulations Tommy Boggs

Not only is my baby brother very flexible as you can see in the picture below....

But he is also a hard worker...

And very strong...

With a nice smile...

And a pretty wife and son...

But he is also very smart!
(No Picture Included...)

But there is proof...
Tommy just finished nearly three years in nursing school. He passed his exit exam this week and once he passes his state boards he will be working as an RN. He lost his job at GM in December of 2008 when they shut his plant down and he started nursing school the next month. It has been a long hard road but he made it. He is graduating with a 3.41 GPA. Isn't that great? See? I told you he was smart.

Congratulations Tommy! We are so proud of you!



  1. BIG congratulations to Tommy! He's worked hard for this day!

    let me also say how much I enjoyed your family last night @ Dodds. We concider that you are home when you come in and hope you feel the same.

    As ALWAYS, I truly enjoy the talent that your family has, I think I could sit and listen for hours. But beyond the talent there is the knowledge that you know, live and believe what you sing and Who you sing about.

    Your preaching was great, as usual....I just kept waiting for you to get to the last 3 words in verse 13. Evidently I just needed the reminder is why it kept speaking out to me.

    God bless you guys on your trip south, hope to see/hear you again when you come back "home".


  2. How am I suppose to comment on this blog?

    Thanks Davy for the kind words. I'm just glad it's over with. It's weird not having to do some type of studying all the time...I feel lost - guilty in some ways.

    If I can say this real quick, thanks mom and dad (and my family) for excusing me from most of the family functions over the last few years (picnics, birthdays, weddings, parties, and sadly to say...even church). I really had no choice but to stay home and bury my face in the books.
    But my BIG thanks go to my two favorite people. My wife and my son (Holly & Jonas) has been the backbone to any successes I've ever had. They have taken every step with me. Sometimes they even made the step for me when I didn't think I could do it. Holly and Jonas, I love you both. Thank you for everything.
    I can't give thanks without giving it to my God. I've leaned on Him this whole experience. Even though most of my prayers began with "Oh me", God was always there to listen and help me. It didn't matter what time of the the wee hours of the night, before exams, after exams, and most importantly...during exams - He was always there. I appreciate His accountability and never leaving me. He knew I could not do this without him. I love Him for that.

    Okay...sorry, but thank you for letting me say all that.
    I'm going back to sleep now.

  3. Never any doubt about it.
    Good job Nurse Tom.

  4. So happy for Tommy!!! I know how hard this was on him and so glad he is finished with school!!! Tommy, I NEVER want to see that laptop again!!!
    Love ya,

  5. I appreciate the comments. Thank you for your encouraging words, Sis. Debbie...

    I'm just glad we now have another source for free medical diagnoses...



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